How to Gain Momentum in your Personal Branding Efforts

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Momentum doesn’t just show up one day. To get momentum, I want to share with you the biggest key I’ve learned with my clients as well as myself in the Personal Branding process.

When you see people on Facebook that you’d love to connect with because they have 10,000+ likes on their Facebook page, or are featured in different publications, it may make you feel as if this person is an authority in their niche – and you immediately respect them for that.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that “likes” suddenly equal knowledge or skill, but it’s usually a good indicator.

What it does mean, is that they’ve done a good job of building their personal brand – and it’s something you can do, and ANYONE on that social media platform, or reading a website, can find you there – so you want to be in all those places, with whatever presence you’re looking to create.

Take my friend, Mark Lack, for example – we helped guide him with his personal branding, which helped to take him to the next level in his career, speaking and consulting. While Mark did most of the work, we helped with the back-end strategy using processes like Facebook for a Dollar a Day.


Quick tip: BE YOURSELF.

A huge mistake of people building their personal brands on social media is that they tend to put on a big front behind screens, and they’re just not the same person in real life. I remind my clients consistently – just to “be yourself”. And as cliche as that may sound, it’s true. You want to be yourself on social media just as much as you are in real life – don’t try and live a double life.

But if you’re looking to gain that momentum, of a real following, and influencing people who look up to you because they can relate to you (on likely more levels than just business), you’ve got to include Consistency in your approach.

Yeah yeah, you’ve heard it before. But is your Brand where you’d like it to be online?

Look, there’s no magic bullet (although we do have training on this) … but you’ve got to produce good, quality content, not every once in awhile – why would someone follow you? Do you expect them to add you to their “get notifications” list on Facebook, awaiting eagerly for your next favorite quote card in a month?

Videos. Interviews. Podcasts. Articles. These are just a few (albeit very important elements) to building your presence online. But it’s not OK to do it every once in awhile… EVERY day is more like it. Let your audience have something to look forward to, put them in anticipation for your next piece of content to drop. They care about what you have to say, so speak your mind!

Share what you know. Speak with related people in your niche. GIVE without asking in return all the time.

Once the GIVING becomes a GIVEN, you’ll be rewarded in more ways than you can think.

Whether you believe in karma, or “Whatever you reap, you shall sow”…

Or when Richard Branson says:
“I never started out in business to make money – I wanted to create products that made a difference in people’s lives.”

It’s true that all around the board, the more you give, the more you get. But don’t do it because you’re getting something in return. Give because you have the opportunity to have a positive impact.

So GIVE — Consistently.