Bryce’s Story

I’m just some kid that grew up in an unknown town in Michigan, next to a cornfield, on the end of a long, dirt road. I have a rescued black lab/german shepherd mix named Dallas who is, of course, the best dog in the world.

Somehow, I was born right in this “Digital Age”, and feel pretty blessed to be here.

It was always a dream of mine as a kid, to escape the brutal Michigan winters by living somewhere warm, but always come back to the beautiful lakes and green of the mitten state in the Summers. Today, I get to live that dream! Like I said, #blessed.

My Career, in a nutshell:

I learned hard work from my dad. To this day, he’s still the hardest working person I know. While I was in middle and high school, I worked in the family business, pouring concrete for people’s driveways all summer before school.

Everytime the famed “Woodward Cruise” came around down in the summer, I’d go there with my cousin, car packed with coolers, ice, and water bottles, to sell each bottle for $1 to thirsty attendees (a pack of 32 bottle cost about $4)… So this was my first entrepreneurial venture.

I’ll keep this short though, since it’s a better story in person over a cigar 😉

I then got involved in a network marketing company right before my senior year of highschool, as I needed to quickly find out my “plan” to tell friends and family that I’d be doing after graduation (if you don’t have one as a senior, you look like an idiot).

I was learning all these things about entrepreneurship and business, and starting to understand this rise of internet marketing that we were in, along with the decline of a college education being so prevalent.

I followed what God, or “Intuition” was saying to do – don’t go to college, start your own business, and make it happen.
PS- my site is still active, although I don’t promote much anymore (I’m much more passionate about promoting life-changing products and services to my clients), but if you want to buy a shirt, be my guest 🙂

Through many ups and downs, I did –

I moved out of the home I lived in for 18 years, into a warehouse, living off of one burrito and meal replacement powders everyday. I remember waking up from my futon, into my car with barely any gas, to go to the LA fitness so that I could take a shower every morning. I wasn’t proud of the rest of the place, but I was of my office, apparently. It’s the only thing I took a picture of!

On a move of faith, while at an event in California, I decided I wasn’t going to fly back home, instead, take a $25 bus ticket to Arizona, and move there. I had $400 to my name, 18 years old. Virgin to anything business, really… But I felt I needed to be around more like minds and mentors for me to learn from them in business and life:

The next week, the Facebook ads I had been selling t-shirts with, grossed me over $40,000 in sales on my website. I profited about a quarter of that. I bought a car, signed a lease, and it’s been a roller coaster since…

My Life Since Moving to Arizona:

  • I grossed a total of about $200k with my website and first business. You think one would be living the high life, but instead I found myself become complacent, needing to owe Uncle Sam more than $10k, and eventually depressed. It was filled with much more amazing times than negative, though!
  • I went broke, slept on my uncle’s couch for a month, then was hired by a digital marketing agency, BlitzMetrics, becoming Facebook Project Lead for the Golden State Warriors during the ‘15-’16 NBA season and playoffs.

  • Volunteered at a kid’s camp I grew up going to for a few weeks over the 2016 summer, an extremely fulfilling experience. I rededicated my walking life to Jesus Christ that summer. You can read more about my spiritual journey here.
  • Came back to “the real world” to start my own agency with a new partner, Claudia Sheridan with a vision to help fitness professionals bring REAL leads through their doors, that actually became customers. This was called FitCore Media.
  • I recently partnered with Clum Creative, a premier video production company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. It doesn’t matter how great your marketing videos are if the right people aren’t watching them. We’re offering Advertising services to select clients at this time. You can visit our services pagebook a call or email me to learn more.

  • I also coach people with getting started in their own internet marketing careers, as an affiliate of the best training I know of, Invisible Empire. The plethora of content inside of there is evergreen, and taught me a lot of what I know today for my career. Kind of my “college”.
  • I’ve been called a “Globetrotter”, as well – and have some pretty fun travel hacks and tricks that have allowed me to experience so much on this planet, without being rich… but also traveling really nicely too.
  • All I have is to the glory of my Creator!

That’s all for now!! I want to get to know YOU and your story, so drop me a message on Facebook, or an email at, and let’s get in touch 🙂