Sneak Peak Inside a Private Facebook Ads Workshop

Bryce ClarkUncategorized

I just got done with a full day at an exclusive Facebook Marketing workshop in Phoenix, AZ put on by BlitzMetrics.

I spoke to the group this morning about using a powerful strategy called “Facebook for a Dollar a Day”.

How, if you only spend $1 in a day, can you get any results?

It’s all about utilizing very specific Workplace targeting with a tiny budget to have massive results.

Let’s say it’s always been one of your goals to have your content featured on a big publisher’s website or magazine… Such as, for example.

You’ll just take some of your best content, and share it on your Facebook page, and the boost that post to people who work at Pretty simple, right?

Employees at the publishing company will see your content, and as you keep showing the content to the people who work there, they tend to begin to reach out to you, while you simultaneously are reaching out with submitting your content.

You can “influence the influencer” to build your personal brand this way.

There are other ways to utilize Facebook for $1 a Day, such as complaining via social media when you’ve been wronged by a company – and they refused to make it right.

At the workshop, I actually shared the story of how I used this strategy to get a $1,500 check from a dealership that had promised to make a reimbursement for me.

The total ad spend on the Facebook campaign to have the general manager reach out to me and send me the check? 8 bucks.

Examples of Facebook for a Dollar a Day are endlessly available from my good friend Dennis Yu, and it’s never failed once in the last 10 years of executing it.

You can even use this strategy to land your dream job.

Many will overlook this because of how simple and inexpensive it is. This is a nuanced strategy that not many know of, much less actually execute with.